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Meet Melody Wilkes

Certified Health Coach & Nutrition Educator

My name is Melody Wilkes. I am 50 years old , mother of 3 teenage girls, and married to my college sweetheart Wade. It is my passion to live long and live strong so that I may serve others well into my later years! Currently, I am a certified health coach. Prior to that I was a public school teacher for 7 years. I also have a love of fitness- I danced ballet for 14 years and was a certified aerobics instructor for 2 years.  Early in my forties I began experiencing symptoms. I had always been very fit and energetic. I began gaining weight, having anxiety, trouble sleeping, and extreme fatigue. I was thrown for a loop by all this and tried everything I knew to get better but made no headway. Then one New Year’s eve I made a resolution to get my health issues resolved! I booked an appointment with a nurse practioner- prior to that I had seen my general practitioner who had diagnosed me with early menopause (I was in my early forties) and told me to take some DHEA and sent me on my way! The nurse practitioner diagnosed me with hypothyroidism . I stayed with him for one year but after a year’s time I felt like I still wasn’t where I wanted to be health-wise. That’s when I found Dr. Ben Edwards – a functional medicine dr. Through his practice I learned how to heal myself though nutrition and lifestyle changes and the four pillars of health- movement, hydration, nutrition , and peace. I will have to say, that the road to optimal health is a journey – and one that is a journey that never ends until you leave this earth and join the Lord!! I can remember praying one day and asking the Lord , ” Lord I want to help heal people , please show me a way I can do that , so that other’s don’t have to go what I went through or help them navigate their way back to health.” It was after this prayer that I decided I would talk with my doctor – Dr. Ben Edwards or how to get into the health business. ( I also co- host a weekly radio show called “You’re the Cure” with him every Monday on KRFE AM 580 at 9am-10am, if you would like to listen  ) Dr. Edwards , to my surprise recommended that I become a health coach. At that time, I had no  idea what a health coach was. A health coach is someone who believes in finding the root causes of health issues, rather than putting a name to a symptom and medicating it. Health coaches address health issues through nutrition and lifestyle education all while providing the client with a safe place to share health/life issues along with having accountability and encouragement! Dr. Edwards explained that he felt like the health care system eventually would be heading in the direction of looking for other options besides prescription meds.

It is my passion to partner with you on your journey back to the restoration of your health! I consider it a privilege and an honor to work with you!


Meet Debbie Hernandez

PA-C & Certified Functinal Nutrition Coach

Hi, my name is Deborah Hernandez, PA-C. I am a Physician Assistant who has been practicing medicine for the last 20 years and before that, I practiced as a registered nurse for 28 years.  The last 5 years God led me in a very different direction in my career. I learned about functional medicine which is complete departure from my understanding of the practice of medicine of the previous 40 plus years.  In functional medicine, the goal is to find the root cause of the symptoms or “disease”. Symptoms are simply the smoke or the manifestation of the inflammation or fire which is at the root of almost every chronic disease you can name.  It isn’t a quick fix to suppress those symptoms and perhaps make the patient feel somewhat better, but instead is a deep dive into the individual to see if the trigger and and ongoing causes of those symptoms can be identified and eliminated.  

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